By firefighters for firefighters.

The First Twenty is a non-profit dedicated to the unmet fitness and wellness needs of our nation's firefighters. The mission of The First Twenty Tactical Fitness & Wellness Program© is to provide critical performance fundamentals for today's firefighter--for today's tactical athlete. This computer based training program will provide foundational educational principles around firefighter physical fitness, mental wellness, and nutrition. Our program provides specific content that allows firefighters to apply and track these principles on a daily basis. A program that enables firefighters to elicit the necessary fitness and wellness changes vital to a tactical athlete performing on and off of the fireground. Our holistic approach integrates relevant science, current studies and lifestyle wisdom that will serve as a singular point-of-focus for firefighters and have a positive influence on job performance and general health.

We have removed the barriers of time and accessibility so that It allows firefighters to continuously integrate the exacting ongoing tactical narrative imperative for firefighter health and wellness. We offer techniques for managing critical physical, mental and environmental inputs - resulting in ownership and control of consequences and outputs. Simply stated, our program encourages the development of an uncomplicated, mindful, and scientific approach to health and daily living that will serve as a point-of-orientation for everything our firefighters do - in the fire service and in life.