This computer based training program will provide foundational educational principles around firefighter physical fitness, mental wellness, and nutrition. Our program provides specific content that allows firefighters to apply and track these principles on a daily basis.

Your Department Will Receive:

  • 3 year membership into The First Twenty Fitness & Wellness Program© (with access for all your firefighters)
  • Includes free iPhone & Google Base App to keep our program at your fingertips
  • All the Physical Fitness, Nutrition, and Mental Wellness resources your firefighters need to get educated and get training today!
  • Includes fitness, mental wellness and nutrition tasks, workout videos and explanations, healthy tips, recipes, bar code scanning, and meal journaling resources.
  • Step by step instructions to set up USAF Fire & Emergency Services Occupational Assessment in your own fire department
  • New programs added every quarter
  • Win prizes while competing in online Wellness Challenges amongst your department or amongst firefighters nationwide
  • Receive coupons and discounts towards awesome health and wellness products and merchandise just by using the app!
  • Training and Support from The First Twenty
  • Easy to Implement, out-of-the-box, Wellness Solution.

Cost: $1999* in year one, $299 year 2 and 3

*Cost is based on a department size of up to 50 firefighters, sign up to find out the cost to Your department.