We have designed three component workout levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. These subdivisions will meet the unique needs of firefighters at each fitness level.

  • Each workout level is designed to run on a 6-week cycle. Firefighters can continue participation at the same level by repeating a 6-week cycle, or they can elect to progress to another level if applicable.
  • All workouts can be journaled online or through the mobile app.
  • All exercises are demonstrated in video format.

We also offer additional resources for continuing fitness education beyond the three component workout.


The Nutrition component educates firefighters in three basic areas: Hydration, Eating More Fruits & Vegetables, and Issues with Processed Foods.

This program runs for 6 weeks. Each week involves tasks and lifestyle changes (reminders delivered digitally) that can be easily integrated into daily life with the guidance of The First Twenty Nutrition component.


This part of the program consists of three key components: Attitude, Motivation and Mindfulness.



This module will help firefighters understand their own attitudes, and will offer a multi-source feedback option open to Hose Team members.


This module will help firefighters understand their personal motivators, and offer techniques and strategies for focusing on these motivators in daily life.


This module will help firefighters develop their mental strength, while offering the important counterpoint of stress reduction techniques.


The Gimme 20 stress reduction program is built around one key component: Breathing. The program teaches firefighters simple deep breathing techniques to reduce stress on and off the fireground. It is designed to be integrated into a firefighters' daily routine as a simple stress management tool.


The First Twenty utilizes an occupational assessment developed by The USAF Fire Emergency Services. The assessment consists of 10 tasks meant to be completed in full turnout gear while breathing air from an SCBA. These tasks are as follows:

  • Task 1 One Arm Hose Carry. Carry one 50-ft section of 2 1/2 or 3-inch hose 100 feet.
  • Task 2 Ladder Raise. Carry a 12-ft ladder 50 feet and raise it against a wall.
  • Task 3 Charged Hose Drag. Drag a charged 1 1/2- or 1 3/4-inch hose 100 feet.
  • Task 4 First Ladder Climb. Climb a 24-ft ladder (10 rungs) three times.
  • Task 5 High Volume Hose Pull. Pull a section of 4 1/2- or 5-inch hose 100 feet
  • Task 6 Forcible Entry. Move a 225.5-lb tire 12-inches using a 10-lb sledgehammer.
  • Task 7 Victim Drag. Drag a mannequin weighing 150 pounds 100 feet.
  • Task 8 Second Ladder Climb. Climb a 24-ft ladder (10 rungs) twice.
  • Task 9 Ladder Lower. Lower a 12-ft ladder and carry it a distance of 50 feet
  • Task 10 Spreader Tool Carry. Carry an 80-lb spreader tool (Hurst tool) 100 feet

The occupational assessment is designed to be compatible with any fire station layout.


A main feature of our program is its encouragement of team participation. Team work is a core value of the fire service, and The First Twenty will leverage this through the use of what we are calling Hose Teams. In order to participate in our program firefighters must join as a Hose Team.

  • Through the use of Hose Teams firefighters will have continued support from their teammates, helping to promote long term participation in our fitness and wellness program.
  • Hose Teams will also compete against each other throughout each year in various fitness challenges.